Lighting & Energy Services is keenly aware of our clients’ need for an energy efficient and sustainable Lighted Environment.

Our Process

We begin by discussing the goals of the client. Some of the benefits of an audit are available rebates, saving money on utility bills, using less energy, and creating better lighting. Some factors, such as the size of the building and the amount and condition of the existing lighting, determine the time it takes to complete an audit. We gather the necessary data in one or more visits. The information needed for an audit includes:

  • Power capacity,
  • Load demand, and
  • Peak demand.

How We Do It

The best way to describe our work is to give an example. The client was looking to take advantage of the electric utilities rebate for reduced energy consumption. Lighting & Energy Services was engaged to perform an energy audit in their 60,000 square foot facility.

After reviewing the utility rebate structure and tallying the existing lighting, we conferred with our client to discuss our findings and to make recommendations.

Over several meetings, we evaluated the customer’s needs including lighting levels, lighting color, controls, and available LEED credits should they wish to pursue certification.

Ultimately, the client elected to divide its manufacturing space into several areas. Each space is controlled by occupancy sensing. The existing fluorescent technology was upgraded to more efficient, brighter luminaires. The old fixtures and lamps were disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner.

The office space also included new dual level switching and vacancy sensors for the individual offices. Exterior and truck docks were included in the overall recommendations.

The rebate from the utility paid for the greater part of the new luminaires, installation and the disposal of the old fixtures, lamps and ballasts.

Lighting & Energy Services tracks new developments in the lighting industry and strives to recommend the latest proven technologies for our clients.

Let us help you achieve greater energy efficiency through a better-lighted environment.

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