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Karen Harrison

Karen Harrison earned her Management degree from Cleveland State University.

Her career path led her into the lighting field fifteen years ago. Karen is LC (Lighting Certified) and uses AGI32, Elumtools, and Revit as tools in her lighting design.

Projects have included industrial and commercial lighting with an emphasis on quality lighting and energy efficiency.

As a project manager for various lighting manufacturers, she organized luminaires, ballasts, lighting controls, and lamps to architects, engineers, distributors, contractors, and owners.

As a partner in Lighting and Energy Services, LLC, Karen concentrates on designing the right light for the project, developing layouts, and performing efficiency studies.

David Kinkaid

DKDave Kinkaid has over forty years of experience in the lighting industry with LC and LEED certifications.  His experience ranges from commercial industrial projects to high-end residential estates.

Dave’s career began when he took a position as a utility lighting specialist with an emphasis on energy conscience designs and the education of the utility sales force.  After his time spent in the utility field, he moved on to become a national sales manager for several smaller lighting manufacturers.

As a sales manager, Dave developed new products for specialized lighting applications and trained the rep agencies on the new product lines.  Finally, Dave has come full circle in his career as a partner in Lighting & Energy Services.

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